How to Know if Your Gums are Receding

When you have receding gums, the gum tissue that surrounds and protects your teeth has started to wear away. Although it’s a common and treatable problem, it can be difficult to recognize. One reason for this is that the process happens so gradually. Understanding the causes and symptoms of receding gums is essential so you can seek prompt treatment.

How Stress Impacts Oral Health

When it comes to stress, it seems like no part of your body is immune to its effects. This includes your teeth, gums, and overall oral health. Many problems with oral health come about due to a habit you have acquired to deal with stress, such as grinding your teeth. It can be especially difficult to make this connection because most people grind their teeth at night and are not aware of it until they begin experiencing a sore jaw,

How to Help Your Child Feel Comfortable at the Dentist

How to Help Your Child Feel Comfortable at the Dentist

Whether you have kids who need back-to-school dental check-ups or younger kids who have their first visit coming up, it’s important to make sure that they’re comfortable. It’s common for kids to feel nervous about dental visits, especially if they’ve never had one before. As a parent, there are quite a few steps you can take to make sure that your kids’ visits to the dentist go as smoothly as possible.

Signs You Need to See a Dentist

It is recommended that you go and see your dentist at least twice a year, even if you brush and floss your teeth regularly. The visits are important, as the examinations and professional cleanings you receive can help maintain healthy teeth and gums. However, you may find it necessary to see your dentist more frequently if you are suffering from certain dental complications.