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3 Effective Methods to Remove Biofilm

3 Effective Methods to Remove Biofilm Biofilm is the dental technical term for the white, tacky layer of plaque on your teeth. Eliminating biofilm from your teeth and gum line is critical for your dental health. Peruse on to learn three different ways to eliminate biofilm. What is Biofilm? Biofilm is a layer of bacteria that can accumulate inside or on your body. The tacky white plaque that forms on your teeth and around your gums is a kind of dental biofilm. Plaque should be removed because it can solidify and becomes tartar, otherwise called dental calculus, which can't be ...
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Odontogenesis: 5 Stages Of Tooth Development

Odontogenesis: 5 Stages Of Tooth Development Have you ever wondered how and when your teeth form? Odontogenesis is the medical term used to describe the formation and eruption of teeth — it is a process that begins before birth, as an article in the book Reference Module in Biomedical Sciences outlines. This process occurs in several phases to form the various parts of a tooth. We have two sets of teeth: deciduous teeth, which are sometimes referred to as primary or baby teeth, and permanent teeth, often known as secondary or adult teeth. The two sets undergo the same developmental ...
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Ten Causes Of Yellow Teeth And How To Avoid Them

Ten Causes Of Yellow Teeth And How To Avoid Them Though not as urgent as other dental conditions, yellow teeth can cost you your confidence and willingness to smile every day. Luckily, improving the color of your teeth can be as simple as changing what you eat and drink while polishing your oral care routine. You may even benefit from whitening treatment by your dentist. Here are ten common causes of this undesirable tinge: 1. Genetics In some cases, tooth color runs in the family. If one of your parent's teeth is yellow, yours likely has a similar hue. Reddish-brown, ...
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Foods That are Low In Sugar Are Better For Your Teeth

Keeping your teeth healthy relies on numerous factors. Brushing your teeth twice a day, flossing daily, and seeing your dentist frequently make for happy, healthy teeth. There's also another factor that impacts the health of your pearly whites - your diet.    Food that contains a ton of sugar can damage teeth, causing tooth decay or erosion. If you have a sweet tooth, don't worry! Adding some low-sugar foods to your diet will help protect your teeth. Let's discuss how sugar affects your teeth and some ideas for what to eat for healthy teeth.   How Does Sugar Affect My ...
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3 Possible Causes of Tooth Pain After Brushing 

Do you feel discomfort or pain after brushing your teeth? Noticing warning signs of oral health problems and quickly acting on them is an extraordinary method to keep your teeth and gums in excellent condition. Read the top three causes of tooth pain and what to do about them.   Tooth Sensitivity    Cleaning your teeth is fundamental for keeping your smile healthy. If your teeth hurt after brushing or eating hot or cold foods, you may have tooth sensitivity. As indicated by the Canadian Dental Association, gum infection and tooth decay can cause tooth sensitivity, and will require professional ...
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