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Asking questions and getting answers is a part of good oral health care. To help you find those answers, Brewery District Dental has prepared responses to frequently asked questions (FAQs) posed by the public.

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The parkade entrance is on South side of the building, on Nelson’s Crescent. There is plenty of patient parking on the P2 level, and there is also parking available on street level.

Of Course!

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Yes, we do.

If you provide us with your insurance information, we can determine the details of your coverage. Please contact us for more info.

Bad breath is unpleasant to people

Many people do not realize they have bad breath, but anyone could potentially have it from time to time, usually when we wake up in the morning.

There are many factors than can lead to bad breath, but the major cause is microbial deposits on our tongue, especially further towards the back. Simple brushing or scraping of the tongue will go a long way towards eliminating bad breath.

What other some other causes of bad breath?
•Sleeping – Salivary flow stops almost completely when we are sleeping. The reduced cleansing action from lack of saliva fosters bacterial growth, leading to bad breath.
•Foods – Some foods like garlic and onions contain odor causing compounds. They are transferred from our blood stream to our lungs. We then exhale the odors.
•Oral hygiene habits – If we do not brush our teeth often, food particles are going to remain in the mouth, promoting bacterial growth that causes bad breath.
•Gum disease – Bacteria and food debris found below the gumline are another major cause of bad breath.
•Dental cavities – Badly decayed or rotting teeth also leads to bad breath.
•Dry mouth – This could be caused by some medications, problems with normal salivary gland flow, and mouth breathing. Just like when we are sleeping, a lack of saliva leads to bad breath.
•Tobacco – Tobacco and cigarettes dry the mouth which causes bad breath.
•Dieting too much – Ketones are released into the breath when the body burns fat.
•Dehydration and hunger – Keeping yourself hydrated by drinking water and eating/chewing food increases saliva flow, thus washing bacteria away.
•Some medical conditions and illnesses – Problems with the liver and kidney, as well as diabetes, chronic sinus infections, bronchitis, and pneumonia may all contribute to bad breath. Be sure to review the current medications you are taking, as well as recent surgeries/illnesses you may have had with your dentist.

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