Other than regular toothbrushing, your child’s eating habit will play a key role in his/her dental health.

Why Sugar is the Big Villain 

The more extended and more frequently your child’s teeth are exposed to sugar, the greater the risk of cavities. “Sticky sugar” foods, like caramel, toffee, bubble gum, and dried fruit are particularly harmful when they remain in the mouth for lengthy periods of time. The teeth are essentially bathed in sugar until the sticky foods are removed.

Therefore, make sure to always brush your child’s teeth after consuming a sugary food item. It’s also advisable to avoid giving younger children beverages like fruit juice or soda in a sippy cup, where they may be consuming high levels of sugar throughout the day.

Cutting down Sweets

Almost everybody normally loves sweets, and your children are no different. Like other people, they’re born with a taste for sugar, and they’re already quite sensitive to different concentrations of sweetness. Offer them a yam and a baked potato, and chances are they’ll take the yam. Give them a choice between the yam and a cookie, and the cookie will win.

Rest assured, it’s not your fault in the event that they scramble toward the candy and ice cream when you’d rather they take a bit of cheese. In any case, it is your duty to limit their access to desserts and to provide a diet made up basically of nutritious foods that promotes growth, not tooth decay.


Television Advertising

TV advertising, incidentally, can be a huge problem to your child’s good nutrition. Some studies demonstrate that kids who watch more than twenty-two hours of TV every week (more than three hours of screen time a day) have a greater tendency to become obese. Children are extremely receptive to advertisements for sugary cereals and sweets, particularly after they’ve visited different homes where these foods are served. Obesity is a growing problem among kids in Canada. For this reason, you should know about your child’s eating habit, at home and away, and monitor them to ensure they’re eating as healthy as possible.

At home 

To combat outside influences, keep your very own home as healthy as possible. Load up on low-sodium, low-sugar, and low-fat items. In the long run they’ll become accustomed to healthy foods, which may make them less susceptible to the temptation of the more sugary, salty, or oily ones.


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