Oral Cancer – A Threat You Cannot Ignore

  • Heavy smokers and drinkers. According to the National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, most cases of oral cancer are linked to heavy smoking and drinking.
  • Older age. Like most cancers, they seem to affect the older population more frequently. Men over the age of 50 are at higher risk for developing oral cancer. In fact, cancer of oral cavity is the ninth most commonly seen cancer for older men. In both the United States and the United Kingdom, there is an alarming increase in oral cancer seen for women who are over 40 years old. While we do not have the exact statistics for Canada, these figures from other developed countries give us some food for thought.
  • Anyone with a family history of oral cancer. According to the British Dental Health Foundation, oral cancer is 70% more common in those whose family has a history of oral cancer.
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